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Helping God's people use God's 

resources to fulfill God's calling

Rescue Missions

Gospel Rescue Missions receive many unique gifts from their donors. Let us help your mission process everything from non-cash gifts to estate gifts.Learn More

and Denominations

Churches and Denominations can benefit from Orchard's solutions that are offered with excellence and integrity. Our staff can help you resource your ministry.Learn More

and Associations

Charities and Associations will appreciate Orchard's client-focused service.  We offer "one-stop-shop" service and will walk alongside you through the process.Learn More

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Joseph Padilla
Joseph Padilla Vice President of Development and Ministry Services 719-268-7214
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About The Orchard Foundation

The Orchard Foundation provides stewardship services to those who have charitable hearts and feel God's leading to join with ministries in their endeavors. We currently offer a variety of gift planning solutions and asset management services to individuals, families and like-minded ministries to help them meet their stewardship and ministry goals.

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