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  • Does Orchard reinsure their charitable gift annuities? How do I know my CGA is secure?

    Our policy is to reinsure only with the mutual agreement of Orchard, the beneficiary organization and the donor. Our CGAs are backed by our own reserve pool that is larger than required in most states.

  • What types of organizations does Orchard partner with?

    Orchard partners with Christian organizations who have read and understood the National Association of Evangelicals' Statement of Faith.

  • Will Orchard make distributions to any charity?

    Orchard will make distributions to any 501(c)(3) charity that is not deemed antithetical to the Christian faith as decided by our Board of Stewards.

  • Which aspects of my planned giving can Orchard administer?

    Orchard will work with you through all phases of your charitable giving plan, including settlement and termination.

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The Orchard Foundation provides stewardship services to those who have charitable hearts and feel God's leading to join with ministries in their endeavors. We offer a variety of gift planning solutions and asset management services to individuals, families, and like-minded ministries to help them meet their stewardship and ministry goals.

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