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The Orchard Foundation has a wide variety of tools to help you resource and steward your charity or association’s ministry. Since the 1960s, Orchard has offered a unique blend of quality asset management combined with integrity, client-focused service, and excellence. Our growing number of partner ministries shows the wide range of ministries that have asked us to come alongside them in their planned giving endeavors.

The Orchard Foundation is well-positioned to assist your ministry with its charitable gift annuity program. Licensed to issue in 48 states and having never missed an annuity payment since 1898 (then under Orchard’s predecessor organization), Orchard has the experience and reputation needed to help you build a solid program. In addition to charitable gift annuities, our state-of-the-art online donor advised fund platform, DonorFirst, allows your donors to support your ministry from the comfort and convenience of their own homes via their personal computer or mobile device. Endowments and other tools help ensure that your ministry is provided for in the future.

Allow The Orchard Foundation to come alongside your charity or association and accept the largest gift of a donor’s lifetime. Let us help you resource your ministry to continue reaching out to the community in which God has placed you.

Our History:

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On August 9, 1886, people gathered in an open-air amphitheater in Old Orchard, Maine for a convention called by Albert B. Simpson. No one suspected the dramatic events that would follow. By one mighty sweep of the Holy Ghost, God led a humble group of people, few of whom were rich, to pledge in a single hour nearly thirty thousand dollars for evangelization and to provide for nearly sixty additional missionaries.

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Solutions We Provide:

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs)

Charitable gift annuities are The Orchard Foundation's most widely-held charitable giving tool. Orchard is licensed to issue or administer CGAs in 48 states, and with a manageable minimum investment combined with a policy to avoid reinsurance, hundreds of people are choosing this solution to reach their charitable goals.

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Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

Perhaps America's most popular investment tool for charitable giving, donor advised funds are like your own private foundation but without any of the administrative red tape. DAFs have become even more user-friendly through Orchard since we implemented the DonorFirst online portal.

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Endowments provide funding for ministry needs today while securing continued ministry efforts into the future. They provide ongoing funding in perpetuity for a designated ministry effort by aligning your investment objectives with biblical values and competitive market returns.

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Institutional Reserve Funds (IRFs)

The Orchard Foundation is ready with the expertise and tools to provide all the services you need for sound and effective asset management. An institutional reserve fund is an asset management vehicle that can provide an asset growth opportunity to accomplish mid-to long-term investment objectives for Christian ministries.

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How We Help

The Orchard Foundation provides stewardship services to those who have charitable hearts and feel God's leading to join with ministries in their endeavors. We offer a variety of gift planning solutions and asset management services to individuals, families, and like-minded ministries to help them meet their stewardship and ministry goals.

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