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The Orchard Foundation is pleased to partner with Mike Buwalda and his team at Money for Ministry. They specialize in surfacing planned gift donors and prospects for the cause of Christ.

In fact, God has used Money for Ministry to surface millions of dollars in estate gifts, thousands of interested “hidden” major donor prospects, and numerous stories of increased current giving.

In short, Money for Ministry helps you maximize results with minimum staff time.

How does Money for Ministry help you maximize your planned gift ministry impact with minimum staff time?  

Money for Ministry provides the 4 proven things you need to succeed in planned gift ministry:

1.            Messaging for the Masses. Our customized messaging is easy to use – just plug it into your existing donor communications such as newsletters, receipts inserts, mail appeals, web site, email, events, personal contacts, and more. And our “faith and family” approach was preferred by donors over the prevailing “terminology and techniques” approach by a margin of 10 to 1.

2.            Interaction with the Interested. Our automated survey program creates an ongoing mail-back “conversation” with your best prospects, helping them move from awareness to interest to action, when the time is right. Our industry-leading response rates from this program are triple the national average.

3.            Connection with the Committed. Once a donor notifies you of a planned gift, it is mission-critical to have a system in place to build the relationship – which yields significant giving increases both now and later. We coach you how to do this (and offer an optional service to help you build and grow a Legacy Society program).

4.            Traction with the Team. No matter what size ministry you serve, involving others creates the most ownership, momentum, and ultimately the greatest planned gift growth. We help you build an energized team that includes Money for Ministry, and Orchard Foundation, and anyone from your organization that you’d like to include. We support you with quarterly video calls, monthly “check in” emails and/or phone chats, and our popular “Open Mike” ministry-tested tips to help you grow.

Free “Get Started” Report

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•             Answer 7 simple questions.

•             This will generate a free report that helps us analyze your unique planned gift needs and growth opportunities and recommend a solution that’s right for you.

Who is Money for Ministry?

Money for Ministry was founded in 2003 by Mike Buwalda and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Mike is a nationally recognized veteran in the ministry development arena and the host of the popular Christian Leadership Alliance monthly webcast series. The Money for Ministry team is a group of experienced professionals who find great joy in helping ministries like yours grow.

There are 3 things that set our approach apart from other in-house and outsourced options:

1. Message. We’ve made a remarkable discovery in our engagement with thousands of ministry-minded donors: estate gifts are an act of worship (not just a legal transaction). And so when it comes to how we communicate planned giving, we’ve found that the most effective approach is to lead with “inspiration” and follow with “information.”

2. Method. We focus on “automation” and “integration.” That means we keep things as simple as possible for you (automation) while maximizing your existing donor communication channels (integration). In a nutshell, we do the work, you get the results.

3. Marketing. We believe in the power of partnerships and work with many nationally-recognized service providers in the Christian nonprofit arena such as Orchard Foundation, Russ Reid, and others. And so if you already have a marketing partner (ex. a direct mail agency), we’re happy to collaborate with them to maximize the impact of your planned gift program.

What ministries like yours are saying:

"We are extremely pleased with Money for Ministry and the transformational messaging and results we have seen from our broad-based cultivation of legacy prospects."

- Denver Rescue Mission

“Mike and his team have the unique ability to take simple touch points and turn them into effective, gift generating strategies. Their enthusiasm and marketing skills have transformed the way we are marketing legacy planning and planned gifts!”

- Bethany Christian Services

Go to to see many other ministries and service providers that Money for Ministry has partnered with


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