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The Orchard Foundation is a fiduciary ministry which offers a wide range of gift planning tools to individuals, families, and ministry organizations who desire to make the most of their God-given resources to meet personal, family, and charitable objectives.

Orchard manages a variety of instruments that offer donors creative options for charitable giving. Charitable ministries benefit from gifts processed by Orchard as well as from our solid investment options. Since the 1960s, Orchard has offered a unique blend of quality asset management combined with integrity, client-focused service, and excellence.

Mission and Core Values

The Orchard Foundation exists to exalt Christ and Inspire Giving™ by providing fiduciary, asset management and gift planning support services to The Christian and Missionary Alliance, like-minded ministries, families and individuals to assist in accomplishing stewardship goals.

We hold fast to our core values of integrity, client-focused service, excellence and personal and professional growth.

  • Integrity — The highest standards of integrity and ethics will characterize all we do. We recognize that the trust of our clients is among our most valued assets, therefore we will strive at all times to be worthy of that sacred trust. Christlikeness is our highest priority; God’s program for our holiness is a higher priority than our plans for our happiness.
  • Client-focused Service — We understand that we are called to ultimately serve people, not to be served. Therefore, we will be characterized by a spirit of servanthood, always seeking through our service to maximize the benefits to those we serve who are our clients and donors. Therefore, while we remain Christ-centered, values-based, and vision-driven, we will passionately provide client-focused service in all we do.
  • Excellence — We do not believe that God is honored by mediocrity, nor are Foundation clients served well thereby. Therefore, in the interest of total quality service we will strive to achieve the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and expertise possible.
  • Personal and Professional Growth — We are committed to Christ, family and the ministry’s call in that order. As a result we will model lifestyles that are Christ-centered. Giftedness is from God and we will use it as belonging to Him, for His glory, and to bless those we serve. The Orchard Foundation will seek to develop people to their full potential as individuals and professionals.

Staff and Leadership 

The Orchard Staff, a qualified team of credentialed professionals, is ready to assist you with your stewardship needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or prayer requests you may have.

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Effective Gift Planning Solutions:

The Orchard Foundation is committed to focusing on our clients' needs. We have tailored our services to meet the specific requirements of:

We come alongside your ministry, freeing you to pursue the work to which God has called you.  Click on the above links to learn more.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.  We'll work with you and guide you through the planned giving process.

Our History:

  • August 9, 1886

    People gathered in an open-air amphitheater in Old Orchard, Maine to hear W. E. Blackstone preach on "The Need of the World and the Work of the Church." Blackstone said, "It is the business of the church to be a witness and proclaim the gospel."

  • 1889

    The Second Old Orchard Convention gathered, generating missionary zeal and forming The Christian Alliance (now The Christian and Missionary Alliance).  In less than five weeks, enough support was pledged to provide for 80 additional missionaries.

  • 1895

    The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) issues its first charitable gift annuity.

  • 1967

    Stan Bjornson leads a new ministry for the C&MA called Stewardship Ministries, which encourages people to participate in the Great Commission by directing a portion of their estate resources to Kingdom work.

  • 1992

    Stewardship Ministries begins to refocus and re-engineer its planned giving, emphasizing both current major gifts and planned future gifts.

  • May 29, 1998

    The General Council of the C&MA voted unanimously to establish The Orchard Foundation to effectively attract donors and limit liability to the C&MA. The name "Orchard" is chosen to reflect the move of the Holy Spirit in Old Orchard, Maine that inspired people to generosity for Kingdom work.

  • 2010

    Orchard's Board of Stewards decide to partner with other like-minded organizations, as well as the C&MA, in order to further advance God's work.

  • Story of Orchard’s History

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The Orchard Foundation provides stewardship services to those who have charitable hearts and feel God's leading to join with ministries in their endeavors. We offer a variety of gift planning solutions and asset management services to individuals, families, and like-minded ministries to help them meet their stewardship and ministry goals.

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